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Home Remedy to Detour Fleas From Your Pets

Here in Tennessee the weather this summer so far has been very hot and humid, with the heat index some days reaching well over 100 degrees. This weather is not pleasant  for humans or animals and it seem this weather has really brought out the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

As always I went to my Vet and purchased a name brand flea treatment for my dogs and cat, the fee was well over hundred dollars for a three month supply for my pets. The directions on the package claims that each treatment is to last 30 days. But two weeks after applying it to there back the fleas were coming back. I was afraid to put more treatment on them before the 30 days was up, so I found my self inspecting them daily and picking the fleas off by hand.

Then one evening after the sun went down Wayne and I decided to sit outside and enjoy the night air. But since mosquitoes seem to enjoy biting me I have found that pining dryer tissues on my clothing keeps the flying blood suckers away from me.

While we were sitting in the yard my small dog Cricket which is 1\2 miniature Doberman and 1\2 Rat Terrier was sitting near me. To my dismay she was once again scratching at fleas. That is when the idea hit me, DRYER TISSUES. I quickly grab two dryer tissues, one in each hand and gave her a vigorous rub down head to toe.  Then I wrapped a fresh dryer tissue around her collar and stapled it together.

Later that night when I inspected Cricket I found no fleas. The next morning I still found no fleas. I have now been rubbing dryer tissues on her every other day for two weeks and still no fleas or flea eggs.

I tried the same dryer tissue treatment on my large dog Dot but with her long thick hair it is not as affective, so I may just keep buying her the flea treatment. I have not tried it on my cat since a cat grooms their self daily, but I am thinking about wrapping a dryer sheet around her collar.

So it seems the fleas do not like the smell of the dryer tissues and so they are staying off of Cricket. I do not believe that it is killing the fleas, but at least I can save some money on not having to buy flea treatment for Cricket.

If anyone tries this on their dog I would try a spot test first to make sure your dog does not have a reaction to dryer tissues. I have head that some dogs and cats like to eat dryer tissues so be very careful if you place one to their collars.

Let me know what you think if anyone tries this on their pets I would love to hear how it worked for your pet, so please leave me a comment.


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