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In Memory of my horse Moe

My Horse Moe In In memory of the most amazing horse I have ever known! His Name was Moe.
Sunday Morning Oct.19th I had to have my horse Moe put down. Last year he was diagnosed with Cushing’s. It is a symptom that some older horses get. I was treating him with an herb called Castle Berry, which helped slow down the Cushing’s but there is nothing that could cure it. Moe would have been 30 years old this year, which is a good old age for a horse to live. But it doesn’t do much to ease my broken heart.
Moe was a Mustang and he had so much personality. So I’m really not sure if I was Moe’s owner or he owned me. When I was with Moe he was my friend, my protector, my sidekick. Or maybe I was just Moe’s sidekick. Because so many people knew Moe, and many times when I would run into these people, there first question would be? How’s Moe. Several years ago Moe and I use to live close to a campground. We always stopped there to take a break and if there were any children there, Moe would always delight them with a ride on his back. And such the gentle giant he would be, as I lead him around with those little ones on his back. Each time as we would ride into the campground I would hear the children howling, here Comes Moe! I don’t think they ever knew my name.
At times Moe could be a little on the suborn side. Once I remember he wouldn’t let me catch him in the pasture. He would almost let me  get to him and then he would turn and playfully run and buck away from me. I swear I think he was laughing at me. After awhile I gave up and went to get some grain, to bribe him with. I came back just in time to see my three little granddaughters tear out running across the pasture straight at Moe, as he stood there perfectly still and even put his big head down for them to pet him. (As I got closer and looked into his eyes, I knew he was smiling and laughing at me)        
Moe was my brave big boy, my Buddy and I loved him and I believe he loved me. Never once while I was on his back was I ever afraid. No situation ever frightened him, nothing ever spooked him. If he were ever confronted with anything he would just slow his steps and evaluate the situation very curiously and ease on. Once a group of us were riding together and we came upon some Emu’s in a pen. Every horse in the group spooked and wanted nothing to do with the large birds. Except Moe, Curious Moe had to walk right up to the fence and smell those strange looking animals. The end result was Moe and I had to lead each horse and rider, one at a time past the Emu’s…..
He was so independent and always wanted to be in the lead of the other horses we rode with. He was more of a leader, not a follower. Many times I would worriedly go looking for him when he wasn’t with the rest of the herd, only to find him just doing his own thing alone. Often I saw him befriend a new horse in the herd. He would protect that horse until the other accepted it. My hours spent watching Moe interact with other horses honestly taught me lessons on how to have my own independence.  ….
Sometimes I would camp out in the same pasture that Moe was in. In the morning Moe would always be there waiting for me to wake up. Then as soon as breakfast was cooked he would be beside me waiting for his share of my biscuits or toast. (It didn’t really matter which one as long as it had strawberry jelly smeared on it.)    ….
The last few years whenever I would ride Moe I would take into consideration his age. So I would let him go at his own pace, mostly slow and easy. So many times when he looked tired I would take him back to the pasture and turn him out. And I can’t count how many times after I turned him out that I watched him go running and bucking across that pasture with a burst of energy, and once again I just knew he was smiling and laughing at me…..
 I have so many wonderful memories that I could fill a whole book about Moe. He was a Hugh part of my life.
In memory of My Moe
Thank you for all the special lessons you taught me, I will never forget them. I will never forget you. Our place is now empty without your presence…I miss your friendly face.   
I held your head in my hands in your last moments and removed your halter. I knew I had to set you free from the pain you were in. You closed your big brown eyes and relaxed and if you had just fell asleep. My heart was breaking my old friend but I knew it was your time to go. We had always kept each other safe and I knew there was no other way, I had to make your pain go away…..
I’m not sure there is a horse heaven, but I truly want to think so, as I try to picture you now in a lushes green pasture and you’re running and bucking and happy and free. And yes I know you’re smiling and laughing down at me. Goodbye dear friend, I love you so!!!! ….


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