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Gift Baskets (Homemade)

From Peggy Tenn.

Gift Baskets can be fun and easy once a theme is picked out. They can be a
great idea if a group of people want to contribute for a shower or birthday gift.

Sewing Basket – Fill a sewing box or basket with needles, thread, thimble, buttons, finish by tying with a tape measure.

Baking Basket – Fill a Bundt pan or a candy clay basket with mixing spoons, collected recipe cards from each participant, spatula, measuring cups, and a cookie cutter. To make it even more special paint a set of pot holders or apron.

Pasta Basket – Fill a large colander, lined with a kitchen towel, with dried pasta, spices, sauces, a bottle of wine, and some bread sticks.

Children’s Craft Can – Fill a white paint bucket with paints, paper, stickers, brushes, pencils, and markers. Finish by painting the child’s name on the bucket and top with curling ribbon on the handles.

Bath Basket – Line a basket with an elegant towel, add soaps, a candle, sponges, bubble baths, bath beads, oils, and pampering spa
products all in the same color family. Finish it with a large piece of tulle tied in a bow with a silk flower.

The Grill Master Basket – Line a basket with an apron add a cookbook, marinades, rubs, grilling tools, and potholders.

A Pancake Breakfast Set could include Syrups, Pancake Mix, syrup pitcher, cloth napkin as a liner, jams, and so forth.

Picnic Basket – In a wicket basket lined with a blanket add a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, cheeses, corkscrew, crackers, a cheese board and knife. Include a disposable camera to capture the fun times.

Movie Basket – To an empty popcorn tub add microwave popcorn, candy, canned sodas, videos, CD’s, or tickets to the movies.

New Car Bucket – To a bucket add car soaps, wax, chamois cloths, sponges, key chain and special auto scent products.

Bon Voyage Basket – Line a basket with a crinkled map and add a travel journal, pen, small photo album, stamps, prepaid phone card, travel pillow, and simple stationery.

Fisherman’s Basket – Inside a creel add lures, line, bobbers, bait, hooks, sinkers, and tie it all up with a tape measure.

Beer Basket – Fill a cooler with an assortment of beers, pretzels, favorite snacks and an opener for a big hit.

Get Well Basket – Fill a cherry basket with chicken noodle soup, Aspirin or Tylenol, a thermometer, current magazines, a crossword
puzzle book, pencil, paper back books, fresh fruit, and a Get Well Bear.

Tool Basket – Inside a Tool Bag add a hammer, screw driver, tape measure, pencil, level, assorted nails, screws and a ‘how-to’ book.

Computer Basket – Fill a basket with discs, CD’s, a mouse pad, post it notes, paper, and paper CD sleeves.

Over the Hill Basket – In a black basket add Geritol, Preparation H, Magnifying Glass, and Ben Gay.

Gardener’s Basket – Inside a large pot add seeds, gloves, hand rakes, trowels, seeds, bulbs, and a decorative item for the garden.
To add a crafty touch paint the garden gloves and pot.


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