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Hurrah! My Strawberry’s are looking good this year. I can hardly wait to taste that first sweet strawberry. I love strawberries!

I planted them kind of late last year and I was worried that they might not make it thru the wildlife critters that visit my yard from time to time or thru the cold winter we had.

But they survived and they are growing like crazy.

As you can see I planted the strawberries in a round raised rock garden that my Father in law (Odes) built for me. But sadly Odes pasted away in 2007. Odes was a wonderful rock mason and he loved gardening. So this raised rock garden that he made me will always be a loving memory of him.


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Halloween Costume Winner 2009

Halloween 09                                              If any of you have read my post “Way Halloween is special to me” then you know that I dress up for Halloween every year. This year my Husband Wayne and I were invited to a Halloween costume party. This year I decided for us to be vampires. Wayne liked his costume but the makeup was a whole other thing. While I was putting on his make up, he reminded me of my children when they were little and I had to wipe their runny nose. He flinched, fused and complained the whole time. And there was one moment there that I thought he was going to run, when I sprayed black hair spray by accident into his ear. But I was able to do a pretty good job!  There were about 25 people who dressed up at the party and we had a great time. When they called out the winners for best costume, I was so delighted when they called Wayne’s name and he won 1st place and a 50.00-dollar cash prize. I loved him winning but most of all I loved telling Wayne “See I told you so”. The truth be told he is really a good sport to go along with what I put him thru every Halloween, He must love me a whole lot!  Sorry to say my camera messed up and this is the only pic that I got. But my friends took lots of pics of us, so when I get them I will post them on here.

I just know somewhere my Daddy was smiling!                                          Please read why Halloween is so speical to me. 


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A Tribute to My Best Friend Judie

This is about my best friend that I lost July 17, 2008. Her Birthday is March 28th and I’m missing her.

To Judie,

I remember the first time we meet, you walked in the door so friendly and opened up your arms to me, because you yourself needed a new friend desperately. But because of my past experiences, I stayed distant and cold. I was so untrusting. I believed that someone that friendly could not be trusted.

You never gave up trying, you set out to prove me wrong. I tried to build a wall between us. When I placed a brick in that wall, you used a hammer. When I placed a block, you used a sledgehammer.

Then before I knew it, that wall completely crumbled down. You loved to gloat that proudly you won.

Then our friendship began to grow.

We were different in so many ways. We taught each other different ways of life. I called you my hippy, flower girl. You called me your kick ass cowgirl. What an odd pair of friends we made.

The hours we spent learning about each other. The wonderful conversation we had about every thing from A to Z. The mornings were ours, at 8:00a.m. And either I called you or you called me. If either of us had a problem, the world around us would stop as a 15 minute call would turn into an all day conversation. You were my right-hand-man, so to speak. I didn’t make any decisions until I talked to you. Somehow, your blessing made me feel that everything would be fine.
Sometimes we would argue and hang up mad, only for one of us to pick up the phone a few days later and pretend nothing happened. I’m not sure either of us ever said we were sorry, I think we were both stubborn that way. You might not of been able to physically go toe to toe with me but you sure could hold your own in an argument any day. Opinionated, we were. But we were there when we needed each other, to offer support, help, or lend an ear. And always ready to offer advice even if we didn’t ask for it.
I loved your advice, because you told it like it was. You loved your family and your friends. You just loved life, and anyone who knew you knew how important these things were to you.

We shared so much and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, miss you, long to hear your laugh. I stopped today to think about and wonder if I had known it was your last day on this earth, was there anything I forgot to say? I truly believe the answer to that question is no. I believe you knew how much I valued our friendship and how much I depended on your support and honesty.

So, my dear friend, as I remember you on this day, these tears are for the joy for having known you and for having been your friend. So gloat all you want that you won me over. Because I have always known that the day you became my friend I was the real winner, because your friendship was my prize in this life time. I Love you!

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 Once again, I found myself listening to another friend of mine, about her worries over this unstable economy. She has two children under ten and a house payment, car payments, ext. and now she is worried she might get laid off. I listened to her worries with a building concern for her family. So my first question to her was, what she was doing to save money now? Her reply was shocking to me, when she said, “ I guess I need to start doing something.” Many thoughts went though my mind at that moment. But sweetly I began telling her about why I started my web site. My passion to start my web site comes from trying to help people like herself. People that will need the information to help save money by getting back to basics. I then asked her if she has gone to my web site yet, to look at some of the frugal tips. Her reply was a simple no and a lot of excuses about she hasn’t had the time yet, but plans to soon. Something you might not know about me, but people that know me well do know. And that is, I have a way of speaking my mind. So Oh Boy! I let her have it. (But don’t worry we have been friends for years and we don’t stay mad long.) But I did tell her I was going to write this blog today with her in mind. WAKE UP! Take a good look around. This economy is not getting better anytime soon. I bet 60 % of the people that I know, don’t even know how to make a biscuit from scratch. I do and I make them almost daily. Why? To save us money, I guess some people pat their self on the back when they save money on something they buy. I pat my self on the back for not having to buy it. Let me ask some dumb questions. Do you know how to make these things below from scratch, if you had to? (No premixes) 1. Biscuits 2. Bread 3. Corn bread 4. Muffins 5. Pie crust 6. A pie 7. A cake 8. Frosting 9. Cookies 10. Pancakes 11. Bean soup 12. Dumplings 13. Gravy- Brown & White 14. Maple syrup 15. Crackers 16. Flour Tortillas 17. Ranch Dressing 18. Thousand Island Dressing 19. Pizza Crust 20. Whip cream If a baking recipe calls for an egg and you don’t have any. What do you use? How many did you say yes to? I can make all 20 items from scratch, and I use a tablespoon of soy flour to replace an egg in my baking recipes. It’s cheaper then using an egg. One dumber question? If you lost your job tomorrow, would you have time to learn how to save money then??????? What Is Totally Wrong With That Thought? Oh Well! I’m sorry if I rambled too much, it’s just my nature to fix things. And it’s impossible to help fix my friends problems if they won’t help themselves. Hence, I will keep putting tips on my web site and just hope they find the time to read it. And maybe figure out that I was trying to do it for them and anyone else that needs the information. Till next time, Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe.

Visit my Web Site for Frugal Money Saving Tips & Recipes,

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In Memory of my horse Moe

My Horse Moe In In memory of the most amazing horse I have ever known! His Name was Moe.
Sunday Morning Oct.19th I had to have my horse Moe put down. Last year he was diagnosed with Cushing’s. It is a symptom that some older horses get. I was treating him with an herb called Castle Berry, which helped slow down the Cushing’s but there is nothing that could cure it. Moe would have been 30 years old this year, which is a good old age for a horse to live. But it doesn’t do much to ease my broken heart.
Moe was a Mustang and he had so much personality. So I’m really not sure if I was Moe’s owner or he owned me. When I was with Moe he was my friend, my protector, my sidekick. Or maybe I was just Moe’s sidekick. Because so many people knew Moe, and many times when I would run into these people, there first question would be? How’s Moe. Several years ago Moe and I use to live close to a campground. We always stopped there to take a break and if there were any children there, Moe would always delight them with a ride on his back. And such the gentle giant he would be, as I lead him around with those little ones on his back. Each time as we would ride into the campground I would hear the children howling, here Comes Moe! I don’t think they ever knew my name.
At times Moe could be a little on the suborn side. Once I remember he wouldn’t let me catch him in the pasture. He would almost let me  get to him and then he would turn and playfully run and buck away from me. I swear I think he was laughing at me. After awhile I gave up and went to get some grain, to bribe him with. I came back just in time to see my three little granddaughters tear out running across the pasture straight at Moe, as he stood there perfectly still and even put his big head down for them to pet him. (As I got closer and looked into his eyes, I knew he was smiling and laughing at me)        
Moe was my brave big boy, my Buddy and I loved him and I believe he loved me. Never once while I was on his back was I ever afraid. No situation ever frightened him, nothing ever spooked him. If he were ever confronted with anything he would just slow his steps and evaluate the situation very curiously and ease on. Once a group of us were riding together and we came upon some Emu’s in a pen. Every horse in the group spooked and wanted nothing to do with the large birds. Except Moe, Curious Moe had to walk right up to the fence and smell those strange looking animals. The end result was Moe and I had to lead each horse and rider, one at a time past the Emu’s…..
He was so independent and always wanted to be in the lead of the other horses we rode with. He was more of a leader, not a follower. Many times I would worriedly go looking for him when he wasn’t with the rest of the herd, only to find him just doing his own thing alone. Often I saw him befriend a new horse in the herd. He would protect that horse until the other accepted it. My hours spent watching Moe interact with other horses honestly taught me lessons on how to have my own independence.  ….
Sometimes I would camp out in the same pasture that Moe was in. In the morning Moe would always be there waiting for me to wake up. Then as soon as breakfast was cooked he would be beside me waiting for his share of my biscuits or toast. (It didn’t really matter which one as long as it had strawberry jelly smeared on it.)    ….
The last few years whenever I would ride Moe I would take into consideration his age. So I would let him go at his own pace, mostly slow and easy. So many times when he looked tired I would take him back to the pasture and turn him out. And I can’t count how many times after I turned him out that I watched him go running and bucking across that pasture with a burst of energy, and once again I just knew he was smiling and laughing at me…..
 I have so many wonderful memories that I could fill a whole book about Moe. He was a Hugh part of my life.
In memory of My Moe
Thank you for all the special lessons you taught me, I will never forget them. I will never forget you. Our place is now empty without your presence…I miss your friendly face.   
I held your head in my hands in your last moments and removed your halter. I knew I had to set you free from the pain you were in. You closed your big brown eyes and relaxed and if you had just fell asleep. My heart was breaking my old friend but I knew it was your time to go. We had always kept each other safe and I knew there was no other way, I had to make your pain go away…..
I’m not sure there is a horse heaven, but I truly want to think so, as I try to picture you now in a lushes green pasture and you’re running and bucking and happy and free. And yes I know you’re smiling and laughing down at me. Goodbye dear friend, I love you so!!!! ….

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Why Halloween Is Special To Me

This is why Halloween has become so special to me. When I was a little girl my Father who loved his family dearly, worked very hard to support us. He missed out on a lot of the fun stuff we did. My Dad was borne on April fool’s and loved to prank people and so did I. So on Halloween my Dad and I would really try to think of pranks so we could spook people. So the time spent on Halloween really became a big thing to him and I each year and it created a very special bond between us, and some of my most precious memories.

Then on October 1st 1989 my Father went into the hospital and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and we were told he would not be coming home. I either stayed or I visited him everyday. The 2nd weekend before Halloween my Dad shocked me when he asked me what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. My reply was that I wasn’t thinking Halloween. He then insisted and would not take no for a answer, that I go buy a costume and come back and try it on, so he could see it. At that point I would have done anything he asked of me, anything to make him happy. So with a heavy heart, I went and got a costume. When I got back to his room a changed into my costume and I still bet the nurses thought I was crazy as I paraded around in my Halloween Costume just for my Daddy. Then my dad asked one more favor of me. He asked me to promise to keep Halloween special, special to me – for him. “Of course”,,, I promised I would and he smiled and hugged me as I cried in his arms knowing we would not have any special Halloween time together again. My Daddy didn’t live much longer and we buried him on Halloween Day. ( In my heart I feel he made me make that promise so I wouldn’t be sad on the one day of the year that always made me so happy, just spending time with my Daddy.)

Now, some of you might think that I should be sad on Halloween. But I’m not, instead it is a honor of the precious memories I shared with my Dad. I have always tried to have my Halloween parties on the 2nd weekend of Oct. if weather permitting. And I truly always feel like my Daddy is right beside me during my Halloween parties and he is SMILING!

I hope to pass the same feelings to my daughter. To carry on the memory!

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