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Howdy! I’m glad you came by for a visit, make your self at home and stay awhile. My name is Trena and I’m proud your here! I love living in the country and doing things the country way. Right now in this unstable economy I am sure everyone is trying to finds some frugal tips. I hope we will be-able to share some good tips and recipes here together. The good old fashion neighborly way. Say Hello and tell me a little about yourself.


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    Super story it is actually. My mother has been searching for this content

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    I truly like your blog, the way you write and subject you covered are simply fantastic. I understand how tough it can be to get the visitors interested. I have decided to include your website to my blog list.

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    Linda said,

    I so enjoy your blog. I was raised on a farm in IA. We canned from our garden and butchered animals from our farm. Things are so different these days. We are so spoiled as we want the easy way to do things. I also buy food in bulk and freeze. Freezing seams to be the easiest and most inexpensive say to store extra food. We are now retired and earn a little extra money welling online. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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      Linda said,

      Sorry about all the typos. I hope everyone can read my previous post.

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      tncountrygal said,

      Hello Linda, It’s nice to meet another farm Gal. I’m so glad you shared your thoughts with me. When I was a child I remember my Momma use to save jelly jars and butter bowls, ect. I couldn’t understand why she did that. But last week as I opened my cabinet door, I laughed. Because my cabinet is full of butter bowls, jelly jars, ext. And I find that they are very useful and free containers. It’s funny how we never get far from our raising. Hope you keep in touch! Trena

  4. 7

    Michelle said,

    Trena, your website looks awesome! I love it! I wish mom was still here to see it, she would be so very proud of you!!! Love you, Michelle

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      tncountrygal said,

      Michelle, I am so glad you like my web site. I also wish your Mom was still here. I’ll never have another friend like her, and I still miss her very bad. Truth be told it was her idea for me to start a web site, she always thought I had a lot to share with people. So I took her advice and here it is. Hope you signed up for the e-mail updates for it. Love you, Trena (Mint)

  5. 9

    Shari said,

    Hi! I just followed you on twitter, and ended up here, and I can’t wait to explore your site & blog. I’m a homeschooling mom to 3 girls living in middle TN, and I LOVE this country life! We live very frugally, and like someone else said, it’s hard to see what our friends are going through right now, who don’t live this way. Like Dave Ramsey says, “you’ve gotta live like nobody else, so you can live like nobody else.” Glad to meet you!

    • 10

      tncountrygal said,

      Howdy Shari, Very nice to meet you! I am so glad to meet another Tn-gal out here! I so agree about LOVING this country life! As you can see I am as country (fugal) as I can be, and I love every moment of it.
      Wow you are raising three girls! So you really understand the word frugal. And the great thing is you will teach them how to be the same way!
      My daughter also is raising three girls, two of them are twins. Thank goodness I raised her to be fugal.
      Life can throw a curve ball at anyone at anytime and I wish more people knew how to be fugal. Like my husband says ” You might be on top of the world today, but a tiger might eat your leg off tomerrow.”
      I hope you find something on my site you can use, cause it does my heart good to share with friends.
      It’s wonderful to meet you and I hope you will let me know what you found useful on my site or blog. And also let me know if you need anything that I might be-able to help you with. All you have to do is HOllAR! LOL!

  6. 11

    Hi Gal, haven’t talked to you for a while. Hope things are going good for you. Things are going a little slow for us, logging business is completely shut down so concentrating on our internet business.

    When you have a minute check out my blog http://your-unlimited-prosperity.com I would love some feedbacl from you!! Thanks

  7. 12

    Lisa Myers said,

    Trena-I love your website-how creative and wow how smart !!! (thats not just cause we are related -lol) I really admire you -way to go !!!

  8. 14

    greenlasagna said,

    Well, you know what a cheapskate I am! But I could always learn a thing or to, and seems like you know it all. BTW, I just got through eating some crockpot cooked boiled peanuts..a great protein source! The local produce store sells dried peanuts, and even though it takes several hours to cook them, I do it about once a week. Of course, they don’t last long! LOL

    Love ya!

  9. 16

    Hey Gal Just wanted to wish you a very happy Mothers day,I’m sure you deserve it!!

    • 17

      tncountrygal said,

      Mothers Day was wonderful! I got wonderful cards and a rose bush and a flowering vine. I can’t wait to plant them as soon as the ground drys up a bit. Hope you had a great Mothers Day also!

  10. 18

    gerda during said,

    hi there girl,
    I had a look at your web and I loves it.
    But how are you further miss talking to you on the tweet. I now that I am sometimes so busy talking to others and you to. I will by the way RE your site.

    loves Gerda and thanks for being my friend

  11. 20

    Hey Gal, Guess what? we have sunshine here this morning, glad to see that but the postive side of the snow, it helps the grass in the pasture grow so Dolly has plenty of green stuff to eat for the summer. Looking for the postive side of the white stuff. Nice to chat with you my friend, thanks for all you do!!

  12. 22

    Hi Girl Just wanted to say hi and tell you we’re digging out of a ft. of heavy wet snow and its still snowing, Oh well it good for building a snowman. You know the saying when life gives us lemons make lemonade!! Always something good in every experience Right? Keep up the good work Thanks

    • 23

      tncountrygal said,

      Hi Naomi Sounds like great snowman making weather that you are still having. I’ll do my best to send some of this warn sunshine your way. Keep those positive thoughts going!

  13. 24

    Kim Litchford said,

    I love the blog. Especially the homemade cleaning recipes and the food recipes. I’m from Tn to. Tennessee is a beautiful state. I now live in town and miss the country life very much.

    • 25

      tncountrygal said,

      Thank You so much Kim, I’m really glad that you enjoy my site. Living in the country in Tennessee is a true blessing for me. I hope my web site brings you a little country comfort. If you have anything to share with me I am all ears. Thank you again for the kind words. Trena (Tncountrygal)

  14. 26

    Hey Girl this is an awesome site, I’m a country gal from Montana happily married to Stan. I have 4 kids & 3 step kids, they have given us 19 awesome grandkids. Stan has been a logger all his life but the economy has shut that down so we’re building a business online. I love animals, have 3 German Shepards and a Quarter Horse mare that I love. Nice to connect with people like you that enjoy the simple life Thanks Naomi

    • 27

      tncountrygal said,

      Thank you Naomi and I’m glad you like it. I am adding stuff all the time. I enjoy sharing things that I know and use. I am that person in the family that everyone calls when they want to know something. So I thought hey why not start a web site. Thanks again for visiting and hope to chat with you on Twitter!

  15. 28

    Fran said,

    I agree with you. I have friends that complain about the econony and have cable and cell phone bills and go out to eat all the time. Drives me crazy. We have always lived frugel raising five children (in the country) making food from scratch, not going out much, buying clothes on sale or discount store or even garage sales.. I have a hard time feeling sorry for those that won’t give up a few things to save some money in the bank….

    • 29

      tncountrygal said,

      Thank you Fran, It makes me feel better that I am not the only one that gets frustated by the complaining. I just want to shake them and tell them to wake up! I also have a hard time feeling sorry for them. But yet I feel sorry for the day it’s going to hit them, I hope it’s not to late by then. Raising five children Wow! I’m sure you understand the meaning of pinching pennies. I pinch pennies so hard I get the copper under my fingar nails. He! Isn’t the country life wonderful? I just started a frugal recipe page today on my blog. I hope you will share some of your with me. It was nice meeting you and I hope you visit me again. Stay happy, healthy & Safe!

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