Re use plastic bottles for gardening

What do you do with your plastic bottles? I save all my plastic bottle Milk, soda pop est. because over the years I have found many things to use them for outside. Here is a few things I do with them.
1. I cut the bottom off of plastic bottle and I put them over plants that I don’t want to get weed killer on.
2. I cut the bottom off of milk jugs to place over small plants if there is a freeze warning.
3. I cut the bottoms off of soda jugs to start seeds in. Make sure you poke holes in the bottom of them to let water drain.
4. I cut the tops out bigger in Milk jugs and leave the handles on to use as a scoop to carry water, fertilizer, birdseed est. in.
5. I use plastic jugs to mix plant food in.
If you have a idea or something you use plastic bottles for please share!


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