Used Tea Bags – Don’t throw them away!

Recently I wrote a post about, “What to do with your used coffee grounds”. But some of my friends commented that they don’t drink coffee, instead they drink Tea. So for my Tea drinking friends, I have put together this post.

Used Tea Bags

Meat Marinade – Make tea out of your old tea bags and let cool. Then use the tea to marinate meat and tenderize the meat. The tea will add a savory taste to the meat.

Eye Compresses – Soak a couple of tea bags in ice-cold water then apply over your eyelids to sooth tired puffy red eyes.

Face Cleanser pads – Keep your used tea bags in a Ziploc bag or glass jar in the fridge to use as a facial cleansing pads. Rub your face gently with the bag to help exfoliate your skin. The tea has an anti-inflammatory property, which helps reduce the puffy sleepy face.

Oral Pain Relief  – If you have a sore place in your mouth. Then soak a used tea bag in ice water, and bite down on it. Tea has natural healing properties that help soothe the pain.

Sooth Sunburn – Too much fun in the sun? Make a batch of tea out of your used tea bags and let cool in the refrigerator. Pat the cold tea on your sunburn with a clean cloth to cool and sooth the burn.

Soothing Bath  – Old tea bags can also be added to your bath water as you relax in the tub.

Sooth Acne – If your skin has become raw and red from acne, use your old tea bags to provide relief. Pat cold tea made from used tea bags to the affected areas to sooth it.

Soothe insect bites – Keep your used tea bags in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. Place a cold teabag on an insect bite to sooth the pain.

Remove Warts – I have never tried this but I have heard about it. I guess it is worth a try. Soak a tea bag in hot water, and then put it over your wart for 20 to 30 minutes a couple times a day. Good Luck!

House Cleaner – Use your old bags to make a pot of Tea for cleaning mirrors, floors and countertops. The tea gives a great shine to mirrors and tile.

Deodorize Your Shoes – Place a dry used tea bag in each shoe to eliminate odor.

Make a sachet – Add a couple of drops of scented oil to a used dried teabag. Then place it in your dresser drawer.

Fertilize Your Plants – Used Tea bags can be used as an organic fertilizer for your potted houseplants. Cut open the bags and mix the tealeaves with your soil. Or place the tea bag on top of the soil, and as you water the plant make sure to pour the water slowly over the tea bags. When repotting or planting a new plant place a tea bag over the hole in the bottom of a pot before adding the soil. This help to hold moisture in your pot longer.

Natural Fabric Dye – Tea is a natural dye that won’t run or wash out. Heat water and soak the tea bags and the fabric together until desired color is achieved. A used tea bag can be use to stain paper to make it look old and antique. Great for art projects!


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    Love these fun ideas! I use lots of tea so will find something to do with the bags…

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