Hurrah! My Strawberry’s are looking good this year. I can hardly wait to taste that first sweet strawberry. I love strawberries!

I planted them kind of late last year and I was worried that they might not make it thru the wildlife critters that visit my yard from time to time or thru the cold winter we had.

But they survived and they are growing like crazy.

As you can see I planted the strawberries in a round raised rock garden that my Father in law (Odes) built for me. But sadly Odes pasted away in 2007. Odes was a wonderful rock mason and he loved gardening. So this raised rock garden that he made me will always be a loving memory of him.


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    I would love a pretty rock garden! We used to have strawberries, but the rabbits somehow always got them. I do love the fresh strawberries and cream.

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      tncountrygal said,

      I have never had a problem with rabbits, Until today. I had a rabbit trying to get in my strawberry patch. Thank goodness my dog chased it away, this time. Or I might have to fry that rabbit. LOL!

  2. 3

    We’ve never grown strawberries but I think I might give it a try this year. If the squirrels don’t get them.

    • 4

      tncountrygal said,

      Trust me if my poor strawberry plants made it thru all the critters and the winter, then strawberries are the easy to grow. When you get yours growing send me a pic. Fresh stawberries are wonderful!

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