Spring-cleaning outside

Spring is here big time, with warm sunny days.  So every day that we can spare a moment from our jobs, we are working on our outside spring-cleaning. Unfortunately almost every weekend that we have had off work, it has rained.  So of course that means the outside work is getting done slowly.

Luckily on one of those rainy days, I had a project for my hubby (Wayne) that could be done on the porch and out of the rain.

Last summer at a yard sale I purchased an old coffee table for $1.00, because it had two broken legs.  At the time Wayne thought I had lost my mind for buying it with un-repairable broken legs. But I had an idea on just what I was going to do with it.

So I asked Wayne to remove the legs and build a wooden box to hinge the table top to.

So for about $ 20.00, I now have a double duty table. I can to set my morning coffee on it as I watch the sun come up.  And I have extra storage for my gardening supplies and hand tools. 

Wayne did a great job putting it together and all I have to do now is stain the new wood.

I’m always thinking extra storage at a fugal price! 

I think the tabletop is cypress wood. Does anyone know for sure, that can tell me?


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