Gift Baskets (Homemade)

From Peggy Tenn.

Gift Baskets can be fun and easy once a theme is picked out. They can be a
great idea if a group of people want to contribute for a shower or birthday gift.

Sewing Basket – Fill a sewing box or basket with needles, thread, thimble, buttons, finish by tying with a tape measure.

Baking Basket – Fill a Bundt pan or a candy clay basket with mixing spoons, collected recipe cards from each participant, spatula, measuring cups, and a cookie cutter. To make it even more special paint a set of pot holders or apron.

Pasta Basket – Fill a large colander, lined with a kitchen towel, with dried pasta, spices, sauces, a bottle of wine, and some bread sticks.

Children’s Craft Can – Fill a white paint bucket with paints, paper, stickers, brushes, pencils, and markers. Finish by painting the child’s name on the bucket and top with curling ribbon on the handles.

Bath Basket – Line a basket with an elegant towel, add soaps, a candle, sponges, bubble baths, bath beads, oils, and pampering spa
products all in the same color family. Finish it with a large piece of tulle tied in a bow with a silk flower.

The Grill Master Basket – Line a basket with an apron add a cookbook, marinades, rubs, grilling tools, and potholders.

A Pancake Breakfast Set could include Syrups, Pancake Mix, syrup pitcher, cloth napkin as a liner, jams, and so forth.

Picnic Basket – In a wicket basket lined with a blanket add a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, cheeses, corkscrew, crackers, a cheese board and knife. Include a disposable camera to capture the fun times.

Movie Basket – To an empty popcorn tub add microwave popcorn, candy, canned sodas, videos, CD’s, or tickets to the movies.

New Car Bucket – To a bucket add car soaps, wax, chamois cloths, sponges, key chain and special auto scent products.

Bon Voyage Basket – Line a basket with a crinkled map and add a travel journal, pen, small photo album, stamps, prepaid phone card, travel pillow, and simple stationery.

Fisherman’s Basket – Inside a creel add lures, line, bobbers, bait, hooks, sinkers, and tie it all up with a tape measure.

Beer Basket – Fill a cooler with an assortment of beers, pretzels, favorite snacks and an opener for a big hit.

Get Well Basket – Fill a cherry basket with chicken noodle soup, Aspirin or Tylenol, a thermometer, current magazines, a crossword
puzzle book, pencil, paper back books, fresh fruit, and a Get Well Bear.

Tool Basket – Inside a Tool Bag add a hammer, screw driver, tape measure, pencil, level, assorted nails, screws and a ‘how-to’ book.

Computer Basket – Fill a basket with discs, CD’s, a mouse pad, post it notes, paper, and paper CD sleeves.

Over the Hill Basket – In a black basket add Geritol, Preparation H, Magnifying Glass, and Ben Gay.

Gardener’s Basket – Inside a large pot add seeds, gloves, hand rakes, trowels, seeds, bulbs, and a decorative item for the garden.
To add a crafty touch paint the garden gloves and pot.


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  1. 1

    Gift Baskets said,

    This is a wonderful blog and has many ideas that just gets my creative juices flowing! Thanks for the information and do have a great day!

  2. 2

    Melinda said,

    I love these ideas! The Over the Hill one is especially good!

    • 3

      tncountrygal said,

      Howdy Gal, I am so happy to meet you. Your state of Iowa is on my list to visit. I love your web site and I hope all of my followers that read this would take the time to check it out, (
      Isn’t country life wonderful? From the morning sun that warms this great earth, to the setting sun that puts the hush of it’s dark cover upon us. To live in the country is an awakening. I am so glad that you have the heart and soul for this wonderful country life. Your country friend Trena

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