A Homemade Frugal Christmas Gift

Make a Homemade Family Cookbook for Christmas. (This is a gift that will keep giving for years to come.) A few years ago when I was trying to think of a frugal Christmas gift that I could make for my family. I came up with this idea and little did I know it was to turn out to be the best gift I had ever gave them. And it is a gift that keeps growing every year.

(1.) What I did was I asked each of my family members to send me two of their favorite recipes. So if it was a family of three, they gave me six recipes.

(2.) I then typed each recipe on a separate sheet of paper (card stock worked great)

(3.) I then placed their two recipes back to back and inserted them into a sheet protector. Then I inserted that page into a binder that I purchased for a few dollars at the Dollar store.


(4.) I even had the smaller children tell me a recipe that they knew how to make. Like peanut & jelly sandwiches, toast and chocolate Milk.


(5.) I then made chapter pages for each individual family, which I put their name and picture on. (If you have time you can add their pictures to the chapter page, or just their last name in a pretty font.)


(6.) Next I made a intro page where I typed what the cookbook meant to me and why I wanted to make one for everyone in my family. This was the first page in the book.

(7.) Next I also made one whole page with everyone’s birthday on it as the second page in the book. (I also printed a extra copy of the birthday page for each of them to put on their refrigerator.)

January Jan. 8, 1955 – Tammy Jones Birthday

February Feb. 21, 1946 – Sammy Stutts Birthday ECT>

Now Each year I get more recipes from them and type and print them out to send them to add to their Family Cookbook.

It is a gift that will keep giving for years to come.

This year I am printing more recipes for them. And I am also doing a equivalent measurements chart for them, which I plan to give each family two copies of it. One to put in their Family Cookbook and the other one to tape to the inside of their cabinet door. That way it will be easy and quick to find when they need to know how many teaspoons are in a cup.

Find more Frugal Gift Idea’s on my web site. http://www.countrywayoflife.com


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