Halloween Costume Winner 2009

Halloween 09                                              If any of you have read my post “Way Halloween is special to me” then you know that I dress up for Halloween every year. This year my Husband Wayne and I were invited to a Halloween costume party. This year I decided for us to be vampires. Wayne liked his costume but the makeup was a whole other thing. While I was putting on his make up, he reminded me of my children when they were little and I had to wipe their runny nose. He flinched, fused and complained the whole time. And there was one moment there that I thought he was going to run, when I sprayed black hair spray by accident into his ear. But I was able to do a pretty good job!  There were about 25 people who dressed up at the party and we had a great time. When they called out the winners for best costume, I was so delighted when they called Wayne’s name and he won 1st place and a 50.00-dollar cash prize. I loved him winning but most of all I loved telling Wayne “See I told you so”. The truth be told he is really a good sport to go along with what I put him thru every Halloween, He must love me a whole lot!  Sorry to say my camera messed up and this is the only pic that I got. But my friends took lots of pics of us, so when I get them I will post them on here.

I just know somewhere my Daddy was smiling!                                          Please read why Halloween is so speical to me.  http://bit.ly/rT28W 



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