Make Yogurt Using Powdered Milk

Step 1 – Fill a blender with 4 cups of warm water.
Step 2 – Add  ¼ cup of store bought yogurt with live cultures.
Step 3 – Blend to mix.
Step 4 – Add 1-½ cups of low fat powdered milk.
Step 5 – Blend the mixture until smooth.
Step 6 – Pour into a quart jar or two pint jars
Step 7- Heat the milk mixture to approximately 101 to 110 degrees for approximately 10 hours or until thick. In a gas oven, the pilot light will give off enough heat. A crock pot on low will also set the yogurt. If you have an electric oven, turn the oven on and preheat to 400 degrees. Turn the oven off and place the jars inside. There will be enough residual heat to set the yogurt.
Step 8 – Wait at least 8 hours to check the yogurt. Checking sooner than this only releases needed heat.
Step 9 – Put lids on the jars and refrigerate immediately after yogurt is set.


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