Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs (spicy)
6 – eggs, hard-boiled (peeled)
1½ -cups white vinegar
6 – onion slices
1-teaspoon pickling spice
1- garlic clove
¼ cup Jalapeno peppers slices
1- heaping tablespoon Peppercorn
1-quart jar and lid
Place fresh eggs in pan of water and bring to boil, continue to boil for 12 minutes on med/high heat. While eggs are boiling, place in small pan – vinegar, onion, pickling spice, garlic, Jalapenos and peppercorn and heat just till it starts to boil, remove from heat. Pour ½ vinegar mixture into a sterilized quart jar. Remove shells from eggs and place in quart jar. Pour the other ½ of vinegar mixture over eggs. Can heat and add more vinegar if needed to cover eggs. Put lid on jar and let cool somewhat, then refrigerate.
Storing Eggs– after making the eggs, the eggs need some time to pick up the flavors from the other ingredients. Keep them refrigerated at all times. 1 to 2 is usually good for seasoning to occur.  2 to 4 weeks for a well-seasoned flavor.  Use the eggs within 3 to 4 months for best quality.
Caution:  Home pickled eggs stored at room temperature have caused botulism. I always keep mine refrigerated.

Note: For a 2 quart jar, just double about recipe. Also milder peppers can be used in place of hot jalapenos.


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