A Tribute to My Best Friend Judie

This is about my best friend that I lost July 17, 2008. Her Birthday is March 28th and I’m missing her.

To Judie,

I remember the first time we meet, you walked in the door so friendly and opened up your arms to me, because you yourself needed a new friend desperately. But because of my past experiences, I stayed distant and cold. I was so untrusting. I believed that someone that friendly could not be trusted.

You never gave up trying, you set out to prove me wrong. I tried to build a wall between us. When I placed a brick in that wall, you used a hammer. When I placed a block, you used a sledgehammer.

Then before I knew it, that wall completely crumbled down. You loved to gloat that proudly you won.

Then our friendship began to grow.

We were different in so many ways. We taught each other different ways of life. I called you my hippy, flower girl. You called me your kick ass cowgirl. What an odd pair of friends we made.

The hours we spent learning about each other. The wonderful conversation we had about every thing from A to Z. The mornings were ours, at 8:00a.m. And either I called you or you called me. If either of us had a problem, the world around us would stop as a 15 minute call would turn into an all day conversation. You were my right-hand-man, so to speak. I didn’t make any decisions until I talked to you. Somehow, your blessing made me feel that everything would be fine.
Sometimes we would argue and hang up mad, only for one of us to pick up the phone a few days later and pretend nothing happened. I’m not sure either of us ever said we were sorry, I think we were both stubborn that way. You might not of been able to physically go toe to toe with me but you sure could hold your own in an argument any day. Opinionated, we were. But we were there when we needed each other, to offer support, help, or lend an ear. And always ready to offer advice even if we didn’t ask for it.
I loved your advice, because you told it like it was. You loved your family and your friends. You just loved life, and anyone who knew you knew how important these things were to you.

We shared so much and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, miss you, long to hear your laugh. I stopped today to think about and wonder if I had known it was your last day on this earth, was there anything I forgot to say? I truly believe the answer to that question is no. I believe you knew how much I valued our friendship and how much I depended on your support and honesty.

So, my dear friend, as I remember you on this day, these tears are for the joy for having known you and for having been your friend. So gloat all you want that you won me over. Because I have always known that the day you became my friend I was the real winner, because your friendship was my prize in this life time. I Love you!


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