Once again, I found myself listening to another friend of mine, about her worries over this unstable economy. She has two children under ten and a house payment, car payments, ext. and now she is worried she might get laid off. I listened to her worries with a building concern for her family. So my first question to her was, what she was doing to save money now? Her reply was shocking to me, when she said, “ I guess I need to start doing something.” Many thoughts went though my mind at that moment. But sweetly I began telling her about why I started my web site. My passion to start my web site comes from trying to help people like herself. People that will need the information to help save money by getting back to basics. I then asked her if she has gone to my web site yet, to look at some of the frugal tips. Her reply was a simple no and a lot of excuses about she hasn’t had the time yet, but plans to soon. Something you might not know about me, but people that know me well do know. And that is, I have a way of speaking my mind. So Oh Boy! I let her have it. (But don’t worry we have been friends for years and we don’t stay mad long.) But I did tell her I was going to write this blog today with her in mind. WAKE UP! Take a good look around. This economy is not getting better anytime soon. I bet 60 % of the people that I know, don’t even know how to make a biscuit from scratch. I do and I make them almost daily. Why? To save us money, I guess some people pat their self on the back when they save money on something they buy. I pat my self on the back for not having to buy it. Let me ask some dumb questions. Do you know how to make these things below from scratch, if you had to? (No premixes) 1. Biscuits 2. Bread 3. Corn bread 4. Muffins 5. Pie crust 6. A pie 7. A cake 8. Frosting 9. Cookies 10. Pancakes 11. Bean soup 12. Dumplings 13. Gravy- Brown & White 14. Maple syrup 15. Crackers 16. Flour Tortillas 17. Ranch Dressing 18. Thousand Island Dressing 19. Pizza Crust 20. Whip cream If a baking recipe calls for an egg and you don’t have any. What do you use? How many did you say yes to? I can make all 20 items from scratch, and I use a tablespoon of soy flour to replace an egg in my baking recipes. It’s cheaper then using an egg. One dumber question? If you lost your job tomorrow, would you have time to learn how to save money then??????? What Is Totally Wrong With That Thought? Oh Well! I’m sorry if I rambled too much, it’s just my nature to fix things. And it’s impossible to help fix my friends problems if they won’t help themselves. Hence, I will keep putting tips on my web site and just hope they find the time to read it. And maybe figure out that I was trying to do it for them and anyone else that needs the information. Till next time, Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe.

Visit my Web Site for Frugal Money Saving Tips & Recipes, http://www.countrywayoflife.com


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