Why Halloween Is Special To Me

This is why Halloween has become so special to me. When I was a little girl my Father who loved his family dearly, worked very hard to support us. He missed out on a lot of the fun stuff we did. My Dad was borne on April fool’s and loved to prank people and so did I. So on Halloween my Dad and I would really try to think of pranks so we could spook people. So the time spent on Halloween really became a big thing to him and I each year and it created a very special bond between us, and some of my most precious memories.

Then on October 1st 1989 my Father went into the hospital and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and we were told he would not be coming home. I either stayed or I visited him everyday. The 2nd weekend before Halloween my Dad shocked me when he asked me what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. My reply was that I wasn’t thinking Halloween. He then insisted and would not take no for a answer, that I go buy a costume and come back and try it on, so he could see it. At that point I would have done anything he asked of me, anything to make him happy. So with a heavy heart, I went and got a costume. When I got back to his room a changed into my costume and I still bet the nurses thought I was crazy as I paraded around in my Halloween Costume just for my Daddy. Then my dad asked one more favor of me. He asked me to promise to keep Halloween special, special to me – for him. “Of course”,,, I promised I would and he smiled and hugged me as I cried in his arms knowing we would not have any special Halloween time together again. My Daddy didn’t live much longer and we buried him on Halloween Day. ( In my heart I feel he made me make that promise so I wouldn’t be sad on the one day of the year that always made me so happy, just spending time with my Daddy.)

Now, some of you might think that I should be sad on Halloween. But I’m not, instead it is a honor of the precious memories I shared with my Dad. I have always tried to have my Halloween parties on the 2nd weekend of Oct. if weather permitting. And I truly always feel like my Daddy is right beside me during my Halloween parties and he is SMILING!

I hope to pass the same feelings to my daughter. To carry on the memory!


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  1. 1

    Loved your story about you dad. I’m so thankful for memories that are precious to me, like the one you shared. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  2. 2

    Rebecca said,

    Well, I think that you and your Dad had a great ride together! I can see how Halloween is so special to you. Really glad I got to read your story…BBBB

  3. 4

    strawbrykiwi said,

    OK that was the SWEETEST story. I cried while smiling because that is such a wonderful story and what great memories for you. 🙂

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