My First Bonsai

 My First Bonsai  (Feb.19, 2009)

I always wanted to try growing and training a Bonsai Tree. So today while I was taking a little walk in the woods, I spotted a tiny little cedar tree. It was so cute just sitting there all by itself. That’s when I got the bright idea to dig it up and make a Bonsai out of it. My thoughts are that I have a good green thumb and surely I can raise a Bonsai. I brought the baby tree home and found a small clay pot. I loosened the dirt and put fresh dirt around the roots. Then I bought it in the house and sat down and began to clips it’s tiny limbs to shape it. Soon I had it trimmed and shaped. But bless its heart it looks pitiful now. Hopefully the new growth will start soon and it will be cute again.

Now I am on the Internet looking for tips on caring for it. Wish me luck! Or better yet, wish the little cedar tree luck!

I’m going to write updates about my tree and me. So check back and see how it’s going.

Bonsai Tree Update (Feb. 21, 2009)

So far so good! The little tree is doing well, still green. I have been reading up on Bonsai training. Wow! people really get into it. I am going to start out simple with my little tree. I just want it to live! I think I am going to let it get over the shock of the transplant and trimming before I do anything else. Check back for more up dates on the “Little Bonsai Tree”.


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